Emma's Picture Postcards


I’m Emma, 28, and I live in Aberdeen, UK.

Emma’s Picture Postcards is a personal / lifestyle blog, where I post about places I visit, books, films, TV and music I enjoy, my outfits and any other bits and bobs making me happy! For a little more about me, take a look at my first post.

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If you have any questions or comments, or if you’re interested in having me review your service or product, please feel free to email me emmaspicturepostcards{@}gmail.com Reviews will always be honest and disclosed, and I will only review products and services that I have personally experienced.

Some of my posts include affiliate links. These use tracking cookies to allow me to make a small commission on any purchases you make via clicking the link, at no cost to you. Posts containing affiliate links will include a disclaimer at the bottom of the post. I am a member of Amazon Associates (privacy policy here) and Affiliate Window (privacy policy here).

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