Favourite Blogs, part 3

Time to share another few of my favourites with you!

Wander to Wonder

Wander to Wonder

Miho lives in London and is a major foodie. She takes the most mouthwatering photos to accompany her restaurant reviews, and also when her husband E cooks up something beautiful – his Instagram here. I try to remember to read Miho’s blog when I’ve just eaten because otherwise my stomach rumbles too loudly! She also has some gorgeous travel posts, including recent trips to Japan and New York, plus regular happy posts where she rounds up all her favourite things from the past month.

Oh That Film Blog

Oh! That Film Blog

Amy’s blog is the one and only film review site that I’ll always read before watching a film. She has a knack for whetting my appetite for a film, providing a really thorough review, without dropping any spoilers. She covers the big blockbusters, the small indie films, and the vast majority of genres. Plus she lists Samuel L. Jackson as one of her favourite actors, so what’s not to like 😉



Freya is a humanitarian photographer who lives in London and works in various far-flung locations such as India and Pakistan. As you can imagine, her work is pretty exhausting, both physically and emotionally, so she makes a conscious effort to allow herself the time to recharge her batteries when she’s home. Her photos are breathtaking and the accompanying text is very honest and thought-provoking. I’ve appreciated reading her journey to find some peace and quiet without the guilt that so often comes with doing nothing or saying no (to your to-do list, to socialising, or whatever else), because it’s a journey I’ve been on for a few years as well. Especially as a student, I found it so difficult to switch off, and still find it tricky to balance letting myself have some down time without completely losing the will to be productive.

Hope you’re having a great weekend, and have some new favourite blogs to enjoy!


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