#abzmeet at Tea Zone

Tea Zone, Aberdeen - Emma's Picture Postcards

Last weekend I met up with some of the other lovely bloggers based in and around Aberdeen. It was so nice to meet everyone, especially as there were three of us who were along for the first time. It was an unusually mild and sunny day, with no wind (unheard of in Aberdeen!) and we spent a really relaxing couple of hours chatting. I seem to have caught Amey warming her hands on her teapot in this picture, sorry Amey!

Abzmeet - Aberdeen Bloggers Meet at Tea Zone - Emma's Picture Postcards

Tea Zone, Aberdeen - Emma's Picture Postcards

We went to newly opened Tea Zone, a gorgeous little tea shop just off the Castlegate in the city centre. How cozy is that little window nook?! After choosing our teas from the large selection, and of course a cheeky slice of cake (yum) we made ourselves comfortable in the seating area in the next room, which we were lucky enough to be the first customers to use since it was decorated!

Tea Zone, Aberdeen - Emma's Picture Postcards

Tea Zone, Aberdeen - Emma's Picture Postcards

I’ve mentioned before that I was never a tea fan until recently, when I discovered green tea – before that I’d only tried black tea (bitter, yuck) and fruit teas (smell good, taste of nothing). This time I tried a ginger and orange green tea, and it was really good – I’ll be back to try some of the others available. The teas are served in a beautiful glass teapot, which yields 3-4 cups, with a glass bowl underneath holding a tea light to keep it at the perfect temperature. As for the cakes and bakes, some are made in-house, while the chocolate orange brownie I sampled was provided by another local business, Cake. As usual, I was tempted by the carrot cake but sucked in by the chocolate option, but everyone around the table was happy with their selection.

Tea Zone, Aberdeen - Emma's Picture Postcards

If you fancy some more weekend reading, check out the ladies’ blogs: Amey, Eni, Iga, KarenKatherine, Laura, Sarah and Sarah

And if you’re a blogger in the Aberdeen area, join us for our weekly Twitter chat using #abzchat, Wednesdays 8-9pm, and join our Facebook group for details of our next meet.

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7 thoughts on “#abzmeet at Tea Zone

  1. You might want to try herbal teas, and let them seep long enough to get the flavor. There are so many great ones and beneficial to health as well. Try TULSA tea, that’s one of my favorites, from India. Love your first photo.


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