A Catch Up

Things have been quiet around here lately… The company I work for (and lots of others in Aberdeen for that matter) are struggling due to a down turn in the oil and gas industry. There just isn’t the usual volume of work, and we’ve had to make some changes to cut costs and try to ride it out. It’s been out of my hands, so short of looking for a new job, which I’m not planning to do at least for the moment, there’s been nothing much to do about it except wait and see, and hope, and worry.

Currently the results, for me, are that I’ve had my hours cut, which is a bit of a bummer, and that we’re moving out of our office next week and I’ll start working from home. As nice as the office and my colleagues are, this is a dream. There are only three of us based in the office anyway, so I already work from home whenever my bosses are away, including for five weeks last winter, and I love it. Whenever I’ve worked from home up to now I’ve been on call, with the office phone diverted to my mobile, but from now on I’ll hardly have to deal with the outside world at all, and will mostly be able to set my own schedule, which suits me just fine.

So it’s turned out ok for the moment, but there’s been enough uncertainty bubbling under the surface to make me not feel myself. I’ve actually seen both my familyΒ and my best Aberdeen friends since this has been going on, and didn’t say anything, because I didn’t have it straight in my head yet. I trust my bosses to keep things going as best they can, and have stayed upbeat overall, but at times I’ve felt like I was maybe just bottling it up, especially when I had a couple of sleepless nights, running through all the possible outcomes. I think I’ve just been a bit frustrated because once I know a change is coming, I like to get it over with, so the last couple of limbo months have had me coasting along like a zombie, and now that I know exactly what’s happening I feel better.

Anyway, although I’ve wanted to blog and had things to blog about, I’ve been too drained to think of what to say, and my plans to take outfit photos last weekend were foiled by rain and a hangover (one of my best school friends is off around the world for a year, so a good send-off was in order!) I’m hoping that’s me on the way back up now though, and that less hours and no tedious commute will result in more and better blogging. Thanks for sticking around!

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Working from home rule #1 – don’t leave your paperwork in a sunny patch


One thought on “A Catch Up

  1. Knew things weren’t great in Aberdeen but hopefully these measures will be enough to get you all over the worst. I’m sure things will work out ok for you both, as you always seem to be able to find a good job when needed – sure you are keeping your eyes open anyway! Holiday to look forward to shortly – will be good to get away to the sunshine for a while πŸ™‚ Speak to you soon, and love from us all, mum xxx

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