TV – Spring / Summer ’15


Game of Thrones

I loved the A Song of Ice and Fire books and have been hugely impressed by the TV adaptation. I think they did an amazing job of the casting, everyone was just as I imagined them. I also think they’ve done really well with the storylines – at the beginning they stayed very close to the books, just streamlining a little, especially by combining several characters into one – and although in the later series they’ve varied a lot from the books they’re still faithful to the overall themes and arches of the books, and sometimes I think they’ve actually improved on them. They’re now almost done with the material provided by the books, so I’m looking forward to seeing where they take it from here.


A murder investigation drama set in a small coastal village in England. The first series blew me away, especially the finale. The second series is also good, and shows what happens after the police work out “whodunnit”, which is an interesting break from the norm.

Keeping up with the Kardashians

…and the many, many spin-off series… What a lot of air time for this ridiculous bunch of people. Despite their priorities and sense of reality being a little skewed, I don’t hate them for being “famous for being famous” as seems to be the popular opinion – they are very entertaining, and if our society makes it possible to make a career out of celebrity, good on them for taking that opportunity and dealing with the paparazzi and internet trolls. I certainly wouldn’t trade places with them!


Yes, I’m one of those people who suddenly develops an interest in tennis once a year! As usual I completely immersed myself and loved it… and have had enough for another year 🙂

Have I Got News For You & Mock the Week

I probably get the majority of my current affairs knowledge from these shows! Sometimes the guests don’t appeal to my sense of humour and make me cringe, and sometimes they make me laugh so much I have to pause the TV just so I can breathe.


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