Favourite Blogs, part 2

In my mind, these posts about my favourite blogs are quick and easy. In reality, I spend ages trying to select the picture for each one and get completely sucked in to reading “just one more” of their posts. I won’t lie, I’m really enjoying it πŸ™‚ Here’s part 1 if you missed it – I’m making myself stick to three blogs per post because otherwise I’ll get carried away! I hope you find something you like.

Forever Amber

Forever Amber

Amber is a full-time blogger and posts almost every day, which blows my mind, especially as I love every single post. A lot are outfits, including lots of pretty dresses, and sheΒ also has aΒ series of helpful blogging tips which go up every Sunday. Her writing style is very charming and funny, and was the final boost to my confidence to start blogging myself, as she made me realise it’s ok to ramble on a little πŸ˜‰ and that you really don’t have to stick to one particular niche.

Sarah Rooftops


I love Sarah’s blog. She posts book reviews, refreshingly normal snapshots of life, and amazing, thought-provoking “rants” – she calls them rants, but they’re so eloquent I’d describe them more as essays or articles! She also has a photography project, Two Days the Same, where for the first year she and another blogger (a different one each month) would postΒ a picture every day. Now that the year is up, she posts a new picture along with last year’s. I find it really relaxing to look through and see which little detail catches her eye every day. Sarah is based in Aberdeen (like me!) and lives with her partner Steve, their brand new baby girl Matilda, and two cats named Polly and Gizmo – the above picture links to a hilarious list of things Gizmo has been frightened by recently.

(Sisinmaru)  私俑


You may recognise this fluffy fella from the Youtube channel Mugumogu. Maru is one of the feline stars of the internet, most famous for jumping intoΒ and out of boxes, and also putting a paper bag on his own head and wandering around wearing it! He now has a little sister called Hana, who is full of beans and helps Maru in his escapades. I’ve been subscribed to the Youtube channel for years and was delighted when I realised there was a blog too, where their owner posts pictures of the cats and captions them with funny dialogue. A perfect pick-me-up if you’ve had a trying day!


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