Sanctuary Spa “Box of Delights”

Sanctuary Spa - Emma's Picture Postcards

It’s safe to say this is never going to be a beauty blog, because generally speaking I’m not one to get excited about beauty products. I barely ever wear make-up, and for anything else, if it does whatever it’s supposed to (cleanse, moisturise, whatever) and smells halfway decent, then I’m happy! Lately though I’ve been using some Sanctuary Spa products that I was given for Christmas and my birthday, and I’m honestly delighted with them. Most of them came in this beautiful limited edition “Box of Delights”, and I’m also going to review the “Daily Spa Escape” Salt Scrub, which didn’t come in the set, but I’m going to include anyway because I only realised that after I’d taken the photos 😉

Sanctuary Spa - Emma's Picture Postcards Sanctuary Spa - Emma's Picture Postcards Sanctuary Spa - Emma's Picture Postcards

Sanctuary Spa - Emma's Picture Postcards Sanctuary Spa - Emma's Picture Postcards

Sanctuary Spa Velvety Hand Cream - Emma's Picture Postcards

First of all I tried the Velvety Hand Cream, which is easily the best hand cream I’ve ever used. It smells amazing, and is very light so it’s absorbed really quickly. Perfect for quickly sorting out your hands if they’re feeling dry, without having to sit around waiting for that greasy feeling to go away. To start with I kept this on my desk at work, but I reached for it so many times at the weekend that I had to move it into my bag so I could use it at home too!

Sanctuary Spa Salt Scrub - Emma's Picture Postcards

Sanctuary Spa Salt Scrub - Emma's Picture Postcards

Next I started using the Daily Spa Escape Salt Scrub. My one and only issue with this is that it’s quite a slippery product, making it quite difficult to get it out of the container, and also meaning I have to be careful not to slip in the shower after using it! I seem to have gotten the hang of scooping the scrub out of the container now, but to start with I kept getting it stuck under my nails, which gave me the heebie jeebies and detracted somewhat from the relaxing spa experience! Anyway, other than my weird discomfort issues, this is a gorgeous product and works really well. I’ve used a few scrubs before including Sanctuary’s orange-coloured ones as well as some by the Body Shop and St. Ives, and although they all cleanse very well, I find they’re a bit too harsh for regular use. This one leaves my skin feeling thoroughly cleansed but also very soft and smooth.

Sanctuary Spa Intensive Heel Balm - Emma's Picture Postcards

I also gave the Intensive Hell Balm a go, and was quite amazed by the results! My heels aren’t often an area that I think about, but I have put body lotion / body butter on them a few times when they’ve been particularly dry in the summer, only to realise I’ve sentenced myself to 10 minutes walking around on tiptoe, waiting for it to dry, all for very little effect. This stuff was absorbed pretty quickly, and it got rid of the hard and dry areas on my heels, without making them tender or too soft.

Sanctuary Spa Radiance Exfoliator - Emma's Picture Postcards

And last but not least, I tried the Brightening Facial Radiance Exfoliator a few times. It has a very fresh lemon scent, and is very gritty, so felt much less a luxurious experience than the other products, but combined with my usual moisturiser it left my skin feeling really refreshed and smooth.

A big thank you to James’s mum, gaining her second mention on the blog by treating me to these lovely products! I should mention as well that I have quite sensitive skin (I’m allergic to washing up liquid, bio detergent etc) and none of these caused my skin to flare up, so that makes them all the better!


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