Edinburgh and Falkirk, Apr ’15

Princes Street, Edinburgh - Emma's Picture Postcards

Throughout the majority of high school I was in a lovely group of friends – we of course had our ups and downs and favourites, but most of us have stayed in touch since and meet up when we can. One of them now lives in London and since we’re at opposite ends of the country I try to make the most of any opportunities for a catch up with her. Another of those opportunities came up during Easter weekend when a few of us met up in Edinburgh for dinner and too much wine!

Villager, Edinburgh - Emma's Picture Postcards

We went to Yeni for dinner and it was absolutely delicious. I’d been craving a meze for months and it didn’t disappoint. We opted for the Vezir Sofrasi – the waitress explained that we could specify a couple of dishes we definitely wanted and any that we didn’t, and they’d fill in the gaps from there. Our first decision was to stick to just the vegetarian and fish/seafood dishes, but once we started trying to pick our favourites we couldn’t stop! Everything sounded great. In the end I think we only requested the karides (prawns) and halloumi, but the spread they brought out was absolutely fantastic anyway so we were completely satisfied. A couple of us had been to a similar restaurant before and ordered the meze thinking it would be a starter, and had to cancel our main courses! So we knew this would be sufficient, and at £15 per head that’s a good deal. I wish I’d taken pictures but take my word for it, the table was covered in beautiful, tasty treats. 100% recommended! It’s quite a small place and every table was full by the time we left, so make sure to book. It doesn’t feel cramped though and the staff were lovely, and well informed – including on the subject of food allergies, which is a big plus. The menu is clearly labelled for dairy free, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, halal and containing nuts.

St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh - Emma's Picture Postcards

I stayed over at my friend’s house in Falkirk and the next day we went for a walk along the canal to the Falkirk Wheel. It was really nice day and lovely to catch up. The Falkirk Wheel is a unique, rotating boat lift which raises canal boats up from the Forth and Clyde Canal to the Union Canal. I’d seen it on TV before but never in person, and a boat came along while we were there so we got to see it in action. The views from the top were pretty spectacular too – the photos don’t do it much justice as I had sensibly left my camera at home for this trip – as it turned out, that was an extra wise choice as I briefly lost my phone! Thankfully it was just in my friend’s car, phew!

Falkirk Wheel - Emma's Picture Postcards

I was surprised by how many people there were at the Wheel. There were vans selling lots of nice things to eat, and a visitor centre that looked pretty good – we didn’t go in as we were enjoying the fresh air and sunshine so we just carried straight on to the top. As we carried on our walk we saw a lot of exhausted looking men running by – we asked a photographer what the event was and she told us they were running from Glasgow to Edinburgh, a 55-mile “ultra marathon”! The hill up to the top of the Falkirk Wheel is pretty steep, around the halfway point of the run, and the runners were understandably not delighted to find a photographer waiting for them at the top haha!

Falkirk Wheel - Emma's Picture Postcards


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