TV Update

Here’s what I’ve been watching on TV since my post a couple of months ago:

Black Sails

Black Sails (season 2)

I forgot to mention this last time as one I was looking forward to, but it is a great programme. It tells the story of a pirate community in Nassau, Bahamas, in the 1700s. Some of the pirates are fictional characters from Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island (John Silver, Billy Bones and Captain Flint) and others are based on real pirates such as Anne Bonny, and Blackbeard who is due to appear in season 3. There are also a couple of newly-invented female leads who run the show in Nassau.

The plots are exciting and the characters are really interesting – often cunning and violent as you might expect, but sometimes showing a great deal of human decency and compassion and vision, so you never know what their next move will be. Some of the actors and actresses are breathtakingly beautiful, and there are a good few gratuitous sex scenes so there’s plenty opportunity to feast your eyes!

The Walking Dead (season 5)

I sometimes think I’m going to get bored of The Walking Dead, and then a new season starts and I get completely sucked in all over again. I find it really fascinating and find myself thinking about it a lot after each episode. Apparently they have many more seasons planned out, so looks like they can take their time and keep up the high standard!

Better Call Saul (season 1)

I didn’t have high hopes for Better Call Saul and probably wouldn’t have watched it if James hadn’t been keen, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised! I saw on an advert (they have really been hammering the adverts for this show, haven’t they?) that most of the crew working on Better Call Saul are the same who worked on Breaking Bad, and it shows – it feels like a proper volume rather than a cheap spin-off. Saul was one of my least favourite characters in Breaking Bad but he’s a good protagonist in his own story, and Mike is great as always, I love his facial expressions and no-nonsense comments. Looking forward to season 2 🙂

Taking New York (series 1)

I love a good “structured reality” show – so far I’ve watched The Hills and Made in Chelsea, and last weekend I saw a couple of episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians for the first time – I suspect that might be the beginning of many lost hours! Anyway, Taking New York is about a group of ex-pats living in New York, mostly English and one Australian. It’s quite similar to Made in Chelsea, ridiculous at times but easy watching. And in case the familiar face in the trailer is bugging you – it’s Sophie Sumner, who was on both Britain’s and America’s Next Top Model.

The Voice UK (series 4)

[Spoilers on this one – if you care who won and still haven’t heard then I commend your efforts!]

I made it to the end! Lucy stayed my favourite but I would have been happy with any of the final four winning. My biggest annoyance in the whole show was Rita’s choices in the knockout round – Karis was decent and as it turned out, I really enjoyed the version of Riptide she did the following week, but I thought the others were a poor choice, and I really wanted Mitch to go through. I thought he was a great singer with potential, and so much fun – every one of his performances put a huge grin on my face.

Anyway, I’m pleased Stevie won and I hope they all do well out of it. I love the sound of Stevie’s voice and how emotively he sings. That bent-knee walk around the stage though… haha! Thankfully I didn’t see too much of that as I usually go about my business online (yeah ok, play Facebook games) while just listening to The Voice in a different tab – the dark stage / bright back-light combination is the easiest way to give myself a migraine, so best avoided.

*movie voice* Next time on Emma’s TV… Game of Thrones (yay!), Broadchurch and Indian Summers.


3 thoughts on “TV Update

    • Cool, I hope you enjoy it! Saul/Jimmy has a rough old time of it but I’d say it’s a bit lighter than Breaking Bad, very funny.
      I’ve been laughing all day at all the “tentacles” comments on your last post, was looking forward to reading your responses 😀

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