OOTD: Berlin Edition, featuring… more Topshop

I’m getting the photos together from a trip James and I took to Berlin last summer, and decided I’d give you a sneak peek, showing just my outfits. We were there for four days and took hand luggage only, so I wore a mix-and-match of a few items. These are back in the days of my beloved pixie cut, which I’m now slowly but surely growing out.

Emma's Picture Postcards

Outside the Ampelmann shop in the Hackesche Hoefe.

White lace top: Topshop

Grey blazer: Topshop

Jeans: you guessed it… Topshop

Trainers: Adidas

Satchel: Lichfield Leather, won via a Facebook competition from Papyrus

Sunglasses: H&M

I knew I liked Topshop, but until I started doing these outfit posts, I had no idea that I owned or wore quite so many of their items, quite so often! I found the blazer on a sale rail in Belfast a couple of years ago and it immediately became a firm favourite, both for work and casual wear. It’s a nice soft material, and a good cut that keeps the chill out while still being breathable. Not sure what’s going on with the collar in that picture, it’s just a normal collar…

I adore my satchel too. I don’t often enter competitions, I think this is probably only one of two I’ve ever entered on Facebook, but I’d wanted a satchel just like this for a long time and shared the post when I saw it posted by my friend, who used to work at Papyrus. I won, and in a neat twist of fate was actually going to Glasgow that weekend for a night out with some colleagues, so I was even able to pop in and pick it up 🙂 It’s the perfect size for purse, phone, keys and any other little items I need. It can be a little bit of a pain to open and close as it has buckles so can be time-consuming, but I don’t use it on a daily basis anyway, as my day-to-day bag takes a beating!

Emma's Picture Postcards

Outside the Altes Museum.

Blazer: Topshop

Vest top: H&M

Denim skirt: New Look

Shoes: New Look

Satchel: Lichfield Leather

Sunglasses: H&M

I was pleased with taking this skirt along. Germans are not really into shorts – to be honest, I think us English-speaking nationalities are pretty lonely in our love for shorts! It was quite windy while we were in Berlin but the sun was blasting in the middle of the day, so I took the opportunity to get some sun on my pasty white Scottish legs, and I think this skirt will be a regular in my suitcase from now on, as no-one looked at me like I was a crazy person! Success!

Emma's Picture Postcards

In the Grosser Tiergarten.

Hoodie: Superdry

T-shirt: H&M

Denim skirt: New Look

This one gives you a closer look at the skirt, which is fastened by four buttons at the top.

The hoodie is one of my rare relatively expensive clothing purchases. Normally I buy my shoes in New Look and my basics in H&M or Primark, and when they’re worn out I just replace them, no worries. This goes especially for the footwear – New Look shoes are so beautiful, I’m never sad for long at the loss of an old pair, because I always find a pretty replacement. And having worked in H&M, I can’t bring myself to pay more than £5 for plain vest tops or t-shirts, or a pair of sunglasses (which I’ll only lose or sit on) or ballet pumps (ok, so £10 for the pumps). I’ve been convinced by this hoodie though – it’s so comfortable, and has lasted really well despite pretty constant use. Anyone who’s seen me outside of work more than once in the past year or two probably thinks I wear nothing else, and before meeting up with friends I see regularly, I often change out of it just to give them some variety 😉 haha. Basically, it was worth the investment of £50.


Hope you’re having a great weekend! Mine is a blissfully lazy one 🙂


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