Mothers Day Macarons

Afternoon Tea - Emma's Picture Postcards

I invited my mum up to visit this weekend and suggested we go out for afternoon tea as an early* Mothers’ Day treat. After that initial conversation I realised that neither of us drink (normal) tea, and that although this hasn’t been a problem for me before as I can just request coffee instead… it might be rather awkward to turn up for afternoon tea and ask them to serve coffee and, er, Diet Coke! So I decided to do a DIY afternoon tea at home. And by “DIY” I mean I bought all the items and put them out nicely. Domestic goddess, not so much 😉

*for those of you outside the UK, our Mothers’ Day is next weekend (15th March), so I’m not that early!

Almondine Macarons - Emma's Picture Postcards

The macarons are from Almondine: l-r raspberry, vanilla, lemon & thyme, salted caramel, dark chocolate. They are all gorgeous but the raspberry ones are my favourite. Almondine doubles as a patisserie and a lovely little tea room, where you can sample the different flavours of macarons along with a coffee or a tasty, freshly squeezed orange juice.

I bought the caramel slices / millionaire’s shortbread from Sally’s Cakes. I didn’t even think I particularly liked caramel slices until I popped into Sally’s at lunchtime recently and decided to try one – they are gooey and oh so delicious. When I went in for these on Friday and told her I was planning an afternoon tea, she gave a wry “uh huh”, there was a little pause, and then she explained that normally when people come in to buy her baked goods and say they’re having people round, they usually go on to tell her that they’ll be pretending they did the baking themselves! Haha, so cheeky 😀

Everything else – sandwiches, samosas, chocolate eclairs and another round of tulips – are from Tesco, as is my adorable teapot, which I bought after the aforementioned hen party when I learned that tea isn’t all bad. It doesn’t get a lot of use but sits on a bookshelf looking pretty and waiting for tea-drinking visitors 🙂

Afterwards we went out for a quick walk, and the weather was so lovely and mild it turned into quite a long wander.

Emma's Picture Postcards

Emma's Picture Postcards

Emma's Picture Postcards

We came home to find that Lucy had snuggled herself right inside this blanket on the sofa – honestly no rearranging here, this was all her own work 😀 very cute.

Lucy - Emma's Picture Postcards


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