Little Happy Things

A few little things making me happy this week 🙂


1. Spring! I’ve had a few little reminders that spring is on its way:

Emma's Picture Postcards

– firstly I bought these gorgeous tulips in Tesco and every time I’ve glanced at them they’ve made me so happy. I’ve decided to make this an annual tradition and buy the first bunch of spring flowers I see, since they remind me there’s light at the end of the tunnel even if there are a few more weeks of snow to deal with!

– driving to work a couple of days later, there was enough daylight to allow me to turn my headlights OFF for the first time in months (my car automatically turns the lights off with the engine, I’ve not just been running my battery down 😉 )

– meanwhile, a rose bravely burst into bloom in the garden – no pictures of it unfortunately as it was soon beaten into submission by a blizzard. However these little beauties followed…

Emma's Picture Postcards

– and finally I drove some clients down to Montrose the other day – the views on that road are breathtaking and for some reason whenever I go that route it always turns out to be a beautiful sunny day to make it all the better.

Emma's Picture Postcards

Aberdeen to Montrose coastal road - Emma's Picture Postcards

I stopped for a cheeky bacon cheese burger on my way home and sat and looked at the view while I ate it… watched all the while by the beady eyes of this little fella! He was disappointed!

Emma's Picture Postcards


2. Coffee and ginger tea

Emma's Picture Postcards

I was converted to coffee drinking at the age of 19 when I lived in Spain and my daily routine consisted of work-sunbathe-work-eat-work-party- oh go on then, maybe a couple hours of sleep – work… When we moved into our house I *ahem* “acquired” my dad’s unused Senseo coffee machine, and it is just the bees knees. I have never liked tea – in my experience it either smells amazing and tastes of nothing, or worse, smells and tastes of, er, tea. When my friend’s bridesmaids announced that we were going to be doing a tea-tasting session for her hen party last summer, I almost opted out of that part, but was persuaded to give it a go by another non-tea drinker. The faces pulled by the pair of us throughout were pretty funny, but I was amazed to discover that green and white tea are actually not bad with a little honey, and that I like peppermint tea. My boss then started drinking ginger-flavoured green tea and guess what, I love it! It’s the perfect winter drink – even from the first sip you can feel your body start to warm up and be soothed from the inside out. Mmm 🙂


3. Talking of keeping warm, we still have no heating, but there is a man up in the attic fitting the new boiler right now 😀 For the moment I’ve been keeping warm with a mighty little electric heater, and these cozy slippers from Asda which my boss gave me for my birthday (aww)

Emma's Picture Postcards


4. My new phone:

Samsung A3 - Emma's Picture Postcards

My last phone was a Nokia Lumia, and although the camera was amazing, pretty much everything else about it kinda sucked to be honest! It was a Windows smartphone and took forever to get everything set up (e.g. it took several frustrating and time consuming conversations with an O2 help bot to even set it up to receive picture messages, connect to 3G, etc), and even then the internet was prohibitively slow, plus there are barely any apps available for Windows phones. So this time I wanted to go for an Android, and opted for the Samsung A3. So far everything seems to be working nice and easily so fingers crossed it was a good choice.


5. Molton Brown Orange & Bergamot Hand Wash

I got a good deal on my phone and was somehow drawn to the Molton Brown shop while crossing the road from one shopping centre to another… and then somehow convinced myself that it was ok to spend the utterly ridiculous £16 on this hand wash. To be fair this was far from an impulse buy, I’ve been building up to this purchase for a long time and it weirdly makes me feel almost as much like a proper grown-up as I did when we bought our house (rest assured I’m shaking my head at myself right now, haha!) I fell in love with this stuff many years ago when my aunt had some in her guest bathroom, and whenever I’ve seen it since in hotels or restaurants or people’s houses, I instantly feel like the place is a little more upmarket and revel in the delicious smell. Je ne regrette rien 😉


6. My slowly growing collection of National Geographic magazines

Yet again something that I’ve always loved but had never thought about getting for myself until recently. My granny had a huge collection of knowledge in her living room, National Geographics and encyclopaedias and all sorts of fascinating things. When I was in Iceland last summer (lengthy post to follow!) we stopped in for a coffee at a place that had a few National Geographic issues sitting for customers to read. I happily burrowed my nose in and decided I really must sign up to a subscription myself. I did so when I got home, paying for it via Tesco Clubcard points 🙂


And I think that’s quite enough for now! 😀 What are the little things getting you through the winter?


3 thoughts on “Little Happy Things

  1. Beautiful flowers! I always like to buy a bunch of daffodils when they appear in the shops too.
    There’s a lovely display of snowdrops down the Glen so spring is definitely on the way 🙂
    Hope the heating is fixed!


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