Ups and Downs

Our boiler needs replaced. Nooooooo.


– I went to visit a friend on Wednesday, and she made a delicious dinner (vegetables and salmon baked in the oven, which I will definitely be attempting myself some time) and let me use her shower. The reason for me going round in the first place was to pick up the spare key she’d used while looking after the cat while I was away, so she has definitely filled her quota of kind friend this month and I’m feeling grateful ^.^

– James came home! Yay!

– I had a tiring but good week at work, one of those ones where you feel like you’ve gotten stuff done, and therefore sleep really soundly.

WP_20131009_007edited– The cold has made Lucy extra snuggly – I’m currently typing this with my arms arched around her as she’s asleep on top of my knees. She likes to lie in particularly uncomfortable places, e.g. on top of shoes, bags, boxes, on my feet or knees, or squeezed into part of a cat tree that’s too small for her, with one leg poking out. This picture makes me laugh every time I see it, she looks like a cartoon character or something 😀

– I’m about to go to the gym for a run, for the sake of using the shower afterwards. Haha. We’ll see if this is still a positive when I’m finished 😉

So overall, actually quite a nice week, despite the boiler! We have a few companies coming to give us quotes soon, fingers crossed it’s not too outrageous…


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